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Christian Fischbacher KOTORI TOWEL - COTTON   The KOTORI velour bath towel is... more
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Christian Fischbacher KOTORI TOWEL - COTTON  

The KOTORI velour bath towel is made from Dreampure terry fabric with a weight of 400 g/m2. It measures 80 × 150 cm. This velour features a voluminous loop on the rear side and is exceptionally soft to the touch. The front has a white ground and is clipped, allowing complex designs like KOTORI to be printed digitally, just like on a piece of paper. The KOTORI pattern was created and drawn by the design team especially for the bath towel.

All bedding items are basically high-quality custom-made and can be ordered in addition to the preselected sizes in any other size. To do this, please click on "Questions about the article?" On the product page and tell us your desired size. We will contact you on the same working day.
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