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Premium Duvets from our selected manufactures for a refreshing bedtime

Premium Duvets from our selected manufactures for a refreshing bedtime

Highest standards in ecology and quality of our duvets & quilts are the basics of this bedding selection. Only materials from certified farms are used. The down and feathers are cleaned in fresh water, carefully assorted and made into duvets and pillows. This will guarantee a luxurious sleeping experience.

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Sichou CLASSIC light summer mulberry silk duvet Sichou CLASSIC light summer silk duvet
€379.00 * From €299.00 *
Hefel PURE SILK Sommerdecke Hefel PURE SILK summer duvet
€245.00 * From €199.00 *
HEFEL Cool Bettdecke Hefel COOL duvet
From €215.00 *
HEFEL Bio Leinendecke Hefel BIO LINEN duvet
From €169.00 *
Kauffmann extra warm winter duvet CASHMERE CASHMERE duvet - warm
From €499.00 *
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Find Quilts and pillows online at Marc Leopold’s

Our Marc Leopold online store offers luxury comforters, quilts, and pillows for a restful sleep, which are available in different sizes or can be made to measure. Highest standards in quality and ecology of the products are the basic requirement for our assortment. Luxury blankets, soft down blankets, quilts, and pillows can be found from the brands SCHLOSSBERG, HEFEL, CHRISTIAN FISCHBACHER, SICHOU, and other quality manufacturers. In addition to under blankets, summer and winter blankets, light all-season blankets, and summer comforters, you can also order extra warm down blankets, quilts, and all-season silk blankets in the bedding offer online. You can find different sizes and warmth levels in the down comforters and quilts and pillows category. Only materials from certified farms and companies are used.

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Why it is worth buying down comforters, quilts, and pillows:

As a purely natural product, egg down offers many positive properties as a filling for luxury comforters, quilts, and pillows. Down comforters and quilts and pillows offer, compared to other comforters, a particularly high sleeping comfort because they are not only light as a feather, but at the same time optimally regulate heat and moisture. Thus, despite the cozy volume, which especially winter duvets and quilts provide, you neither feel smothered nor do you get sweaty.

Down is the lightest material, which warms at the same time. In addition, the weightless feathers are more cuddly than the often-used synthetic filling material, and thus fit perfectly to your body. This makes it easy to sink into sleep and sleep through the night. Down comforters, quilts, and pillows, therefore, offer the cuddle factor par excellence.

Another unbeatable argument why down comforters, quilts, and pillows offer unimprovable sleeping comfort is the ideal temperature balance they provide. Since our bodies shed water relatively when we sleep, as we sweat unnoticed (or even noticed), egg down makes us comfortable by absorbing the sweat so that moisture does not form on the skin or under the blanket. It is said that the quality of a down depends on its size, or filling power, the bigger the down, the better it regulates humidity and heat.

Down, the special kind of luxury comforter, quilt, and pillow

The feathers used in down comforters, quilts, and pillows are special down feathers, which are egg-shaped and look like a tuft of the finest hairs. In addition, unlike conventional feathers, they do not have a keel. This fluffy, heat-insulating layer of feathers is located, rarely visible, under the animal's smooth feathers. They wrap the body all around.

Therefore, high-quality luxury blankets, comforters, quilts, and pillows are filled with down. They insulate perfectly, regulate temperature balance, and are naturally breathable. So you can safely turn off the heating and spare yourself the dry heating air in the winter because the down in the winter duvets and quilts absorbs and stores body heat. On the other hand, they release excessive heat and moisture to the outside.

So they regulate the sleeping climate in a completely natural way for an individual sleeping climate in bed. Cold or excessively high temperatures and perspiration do not stand a chance. High-quality blankets, comforters, quilts, and pillows are, therefore, filled 100 percent with down feathers. The fine under feathers build up a real feel-good atmosphere inside the plume.


Every person has his or her individual need for warmth. Different degrees of warmth can be achieved with different makes, fillings, and content weights.

Warmth index 1 blanket, comforter, quilt, or pillow with very low heat retention. Suitable for warmer seasons, as a blanket for heated waterbeds, for sleepers with very low heat needs, and/or for sleepers in strongly heated bedrooms.

Heat index 2 blanket, comforter, quilt, or pillow with low heat retention. Suitable as a blanket for warmer regions, as a blanket for the transitional period, as a blanket for waterbeds, for sleepers with low heat needs, and/or sleepers in heated bedrooms.

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Available sizes cm - inches for Pillows:

40 x 60 cm - 16" x 24"
40 x 80 cm - 16" x 32"
50 x 70 cm - 20" x 28"
60 x 60 cm - 24" x 24"
60 x 70 cm - 24" x 28"
65 x 65 cm - 26" x 26"
50 x 90 cm - 20" x 35"
60 x 80 cm - 24" x 31"
60 x 90 cm - 24" x 35"
70 x 90 cm - 28" x 35"
80 x 80 cm - 31" x 31"
65 x 100 cm - 26" x 39"

available sizes cm - inches for Duvet/covers

135 x 200 cm - 53" x 79"
135 x 220 cm - 53" x 87"
140 x 200 cm - 55" x 79"
140 x 220 cm - 55" x 87"
155 x 200 cm - 61" x 79"
155 x 220 cm - 61" x 87"
160 x 210 cm - 63" x 83"
160 x 240 cm - 63" x 94"
200 x 200 cm - 79" x 79"
200 x 210 cm - 79" x 83"
200 x 220 cm - 79" x 87"
230 x 220 cm - 91" x 87"
240 x 200 cm - 94" x 79"
240 x 210 cm - 94" x 83"
240 x 220 cm - 94" x 87"
240 x 240 cm - 94" x 94"
260 x 220 cm - 102" x 87"
260 x 240 cm - 102" x 94"
260 x 260 cm - 102" x 102"

WARMTH INDEX FOR QUILTS Each individual has his own personal warmth requirements. Different warmth levels can be achieved by varying the style, filling and fill weight.

Warmth index 1 Quilt with very little warmth retention. Recommended for the warmer times of year, as a quilt for heated waterbeds, for sleepers with very low warmth requirements and/or sleepers in heated bedrooms.

Warmth index 2 Quilt with low warmth retention. Suitable for warmer regions, as a quilt for in-between seasons, for waterbeds, for sleepers with low warmth requirements and/or in heated bedrooms.

Warmth index 3 Quilt with average warmth retention. Recommended as a year round quilt and for sleepers with average warmth requirements. Also for sleepers in moderately heated, normally insulated bedrooms.

Warmth index 4 Quilt with high degree of warmth retention. Recommended for all-season use and especially for the cold seasons, for people with high warmth requirements and /or for sleepers in unheated bedrooms.

Warmth index 1+2=4 Double-quilt comprising 2 single quilts, each with different warmth retention capacities. The lighter single quilt is ideal for summer, the heavier quilt is recommended for spring / autumn and the two together can be used in winter.