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Christian Fischbacher Duvets and Pillows

Christian Fischbacher Duvets and Pillows

The duvets and pillows by Christian Fischbacher are available with very different fillings such as down, eiderdown, cashmere or camel hair.
Fischbacher bedding with the wonderful feeling of cozy snuggling arises.

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Fischbacher Eiderdowns for pleasant sleeping comfort

A Fischbacher duvet meets the highest standards in terms of ecology and quality. Exclusive materials and high-quality workmanship guarantee a restful sleep. The down and feathers used for a Fischbacher beddings are washed with fresh water from the in-house spring 300 metres away, sorted and then processed into duvets and pillows.

Christian Fischbacher

High ecological and quality standards, and a commitment to restful sleep is the cornerstone of our down and feather partners of many years. A family owned company based in Liechtenstein, our partners ensure that all materials are sourced from well-tended farms. Feathers are never live-plucked and are washed by the natural spring water that rises from the Alp Mountains, 300 meters above the company’s site – assorted and used to make quilts and pillows for the most luxurious sleeping experience.