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Bio & Organic Bed Linen and Towels

Bio & Organic Bed Linen and Towels

There are a few reasons why we should buy and use bio and organic bed linen and towels:

  • Environmental friendliness: Organic cotton is grown without the use of harmful chemicals. Organic textiles are also produced and processed without the use of harmful chemicals, which helps to reduce the impact on the environment.

  • Health: Organic cotton and organic textiles are grown and produced without the use of harmful chemicals, which means they contain fewer toxic substances that can irritate the skin or cause allergies.

  • Sustainability: Organic cotton is grown in a sustainable way, using less water and fertiliser and promoting biodiversity. Organic textiles are produced without the use of harmful chemicals, which contributes to a reduced impact on the environment.

  • Social responsibility: Organic cotton and organic textiles are produced under fair working conditions, supporting workers' rights.

Overall buying and using organic and organic bed linen and towels can help reduce environmental impact, improve health and be socially responsible.

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Organic towels are crafted from certified organic cotton and are devoid of harmful chemicals. They offer a soft, absorbent, and gentle feel against the skin. Additionally, these towels can be made from natural fibers like bamboo, linen, or hemp, all of which provide the same level of softness and absorbency.

In the realm of down comforters, the finest options comprise organic down fill. This down is sourced from free-range geese or ducks that are raised on organic farms. Organic down possesses hypoallergenic properties, is breathable, and retains warmth, thus ensuring an ideal night's sleep.

Organic bedding is crafted from organic cotton or other natural fibers. It is completely devoid of chemicals and synthetic materials, making it a superb choice for individuals with sensitive skin. Notably, organic bedding delivers both comfort and a pleasant sleeping environment.

On the whole, organic towels, down comforters, and bedding stand as an outstanding choice for environmentally conscious consumers seeking high-quality, sustainable textile products. By investing in your health and well-being, opt for these natural and eco-friendly selections!

Choose organic bedding

Eco-friendly organic bedding is crafted from fabrics that offer benefits such as moisture-wicking and antibacterial properties, and are generally easy to recycle. They are produced using processes that consume less water than traditional methods and avoid the use of harsh chemicals like pesticides, bleach, or inexpensive yet hazardous additives such as microplastics. These pollutants can ultimately contaminate our drinking water and soil, eventually finding their way into our bodies.

Fortunately, there are now numerous responsible companies that recognize the significant value in manufacturing organic bedding. This choice benefits not only the customers and the environment but also the companies themselves in the long run

Order organic cotton bedding online

At MARC LEOPOLD, you can always be certain of enjoying exquisite bedding. Here, you have the opportunity to purchase renowned brands online that exclusively offer certified organic cotton bedding or organic linen bedding. These products come with certifications such as GOTS or OEKO-Tex MADE IN GREEN, which ensure that they adhere to specific criteria for ethical, ecological, and safe production practices. To achieve these standards, the fabrics undergo rigorous chemical testing, and companies are subjected to audits throughout the cultivation and manufacturing processes.

In the production of organic bedding, these brands are committed to eco-friendly practices. They opt for sustainable dyes, minimize water usage, and reduce waste through methods such as the closed-loop system. Within a closed-loop production process, approximately 99% of solvents, chemicals, and waste are recycled and utilized in subsequent rounds of blanket, fitted sheet, and comforter production. This approach significantly mitigates the environmental impact of the manufacturing process.

Why buy organic cotton bedding?

Organic cotton bedding is likely the most familiar option to us, and this material could potentially become the fabric of our dreams in the future. Similar to regular cotton, organic cotton is breathable and easy to care for. It also has a natural ability to absorb 25% of its weight in water. The most significant distinction between regular cotton and its organic counterpart lies in the guidelines that manufacturers must adhere to for this type of cotton.

To qualify for the organic label when producing organic bedding, the cotton must be cultivated without the use of chemicals like fertilizers or pesticides, as well as genetic modifications aimed at reducing its vulnerability to insects such as the bollworm. The reduction in chemical usage leads to a lower risk to humans (in terms of allergies and skin issues) and animals that come into contact with the cotton. Furthermore, it results in fewer toxins seeping into water and soil.

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